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With so many people now exploring the wonderful world of indoor greenery, plants from Boynton's Greenhouses, Inc. have become a very desirable gift! At Boynton's Greenhouse we have a year round greenhouse dedicated to houseplants. We have a wide variety of green plants from some of the standard gifts such as peace lilies and mixed dish gardens to hanging baskets such as ivies and spider plants. We also have a huge assortment of succulents and some much sought after premium plants. We are always looking for unique varieties and have an ever rotating crop so you never know what you might find. We also have seasonal flowering plants such as poinsettias, cyclamen, holiday cactus, Easter lilies, begonias, kalanchoe, miniature rose bushes, African violets and much more. If you are looking for something not shown here, give us a call and we can tell you what is currently available.